The Interior Zone is stage 2 protection for equipment within the home. Electronics can create their own surges which can back feed into the electrical system. The interior zone consist of plug strips and wall plug protectors. (This protects your home from any surges electronics may create)

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These space saving wall plug protectors are designed for applications where a plug strip is not practical
  • The SAP1 is ideal for answering machines, fax machines and any 120 volt appliance
  • SAP6T2V1 is ideal for protecting TVs, computers and any electronic equipment where multiple outlets and a low profile are preferable. Contains space for 2 coax lines and 2 phone/fax/modem lines


Provides protection for 8 AC outlets with space for 3 adapter plugs, 2 coax lines and 2 telephone/fax/modem lines
  • Specially designed for home theater and home office applications
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