SAP6T2V1 Surge Protector
  • UL listed surge protection
  • Rated for 120VAC 15A, grounded outlets
  • Easy to install for homeowner for individual or multiple appliances
  • Visual indication of “Protected” & “Grounded” status
  • Multiple outlet taps have mounting screw
  • Lifetime Product Warranty

The surgeassure™ SAP6T2V1 surge protector protects electrical equipment, coax cable line devices and telephone line connected devices in your home against power surge damage. It allows for localized protection for appliances, electronics, or other electrical equipment.

The convenient point-of-use protection of the surgeassure™ SAP6T2V1 surge protector offers great flexibility. It’s designed to cover an existing duplex (2 outlet) receptacle and allows for (6) surge protected plugs, telephone and cable line surge protection. Perfect for keeping a pile of electrical cords from gathering dust bunnies behind your entertainment center on the floor!

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