SAT1 Phone line surge protector
  • UL listed surge protection
  • Rated for RJ45 or RJ11 Modem/Fax/DSL protection
  • Easy to install
  • Standard RJ45 or RJ11 jack
  • Low insertion loss
  • Opens up at the end of its useful life
  • 5 year product warranty

The surgeassure™ SAT1 protects telephone or modem connected electronics in residential and light commercial applications against electrical transient damage from entering through the main telephone connection.

Multi stage technology prevents catastrophic failure. Includes one foot section of cable with female to female splice for line side application.

The surgeassure™ warranty covers product defects for 5 years.

To have complete protection for your equipment, home or business, it is important to protect AC power lines and all data lines the equipment is connected through.

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