SATHW2 Hardwired Telephone Protector in Weatherproof Enclosure
  • UL listed surge protection
  • Hardwired Modem/Fax/DSL protection
  • Easy to install
  • Exceptionally fast response time
  • Available with or without enclosure
  • 5 Year Product Warranty

The surgeassure™ SATHW2 is a 2 pair, hardwired surge protector for telephone, DSL or modem connected electronics in residential and light commercial applications. The SATHW2 protects against electrical power surges that can enter through the main telephone connection and is equipped with a failshort device to permanently ground the telephone line in the event of a power cross. The SATHW2 is housed in a weatherproof enclosure to facilitate indoor or outdoor applications. The enclosure is molded of temperature and humidity resistant thermoplastic to resist cracking and discoloration. The cover can be secured with a tie wrap or similar locking device.

The surgeassure™ warranty covers product defects for 5 years.

To have complete protection for your equipment, home, or business, it is important to protect AC power lines and all data lines the equipment is connected through.

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