surgeassure™ offers surge programs to utility companies for their residential and commercial customers. Our solution will offer you protection for your meters as well as your clients’ homes and businesses. We also offer protection for cable, phone and data lines, and internally via our surge protection plug strips. Our programs can be customized to fit your needs no matter how big or small.

Offering our programs will allow you to generate revenue while you offer your customers quality UL 1449 4rd Edition Listed surge protection devices.

What you will receive as a part of our utility program:

  • Free telephone support
  • Free custom brochures with your name and logo
  • Free online training for you and your technicians/representatives
  • Site survey assistance
  • Continuing CEU classes at our factory
  • Apples to apples comparison on other surge protection products
  • A 10 Year Product Warranty
  • UL 1449 4rd Edition Listed Products
  • Brand Labeling on certain quantities

Some of the solutions we offer:

Our SPDee is perfect to protect homes and small businesses at the meter with 50kA per phase protection using large block TPMOVs which are properly thermally fused. Equipped with a NEMA 4X enclosure, this hardy Type 1 requires no breaker allowing installation versatility.

Any entrance into a home or building can conduct a surge. This includes phone, cable and data lines. To protect your clients’ expensive and sensitive electronics we offer these solutions:

Not all plug strips are surge protectors, but ours are! They offer MOV technology and are UL Listed. Since 70% of surges happen within the home, offering our plug strips to your customers will complete their protection.

If you have any questions about our surge protection program, products, training or any other inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience via email or phone at:, 800-727-0669.

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